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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nationwide Race at Michigan

I am really becoming a fan of the Nationwide races. They have been fun to watch, and at times, more enjoyable than the Cup races. Ouch! Did I say that?

Today's race at Michigan was no exception, especially the ending. Congratulations to Brad Keselowski, not so much because he won the race, but the way he won it. He just sneaked in there, pretty as you please, pissing off Kyle Busch in the process. It always seems to be a good day when NASCAR's bad boy comes up short.

Funny, I'm really enjoying Kyle -- he has spunk. He's every inch a competitor. He is Popeye's Bluto. I'm waiting for him to tie a competitor to a railroad track or grow a mustache he can twirl. Kyle is necessary to the sport. He brings real life to it. I like how he handles the fans' boos. And, you can't take away from him, the fact that the boy can drive.

I had to laugh when Brian Vickers said he didn't know this was the Kyle Busch show. I really don't like Vickers' style. I saw that little sideswipe he gave to Keselowski as the #88 went around him. I don't think he is a clean racer. He was fast though. And the fact that he kept it out of the wall is certainly testament to his skill. His car was obviously loose, but he ignored it and hung on.

Ryan Newman being in the race is always a draw for me. Ryan had a decent finish. I was hoping for more though. I feel cheated, since I couldn't hear his radio transmissions. Why doesn't NASCAR allow Nationwide races to be on Race Day Scanner too? That would be awesome. Truck races too for that matter.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day - race day!