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Friday, September 28, 2012

Time for a Ryan Newman win!

English: Ryan Newman stands beside his Number ...
Ryan Newman stands beside his #39 Army Chevrolet Impala.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As far as I'm concerned, I don't care about the Chase for the Sprint Cup Championship.

It was several weeks ago, at Bristol when I the wind left my sails. When Juan Pablo Montoya wrecked Ryan Newman, I knew Newman's chances to compete for a championship were over. Up until that point, every moment of every race was exciting.

Now that I'm over it, I'm excited again. Since Bristol, Newman was wrecked at Atlanta when Jimmy Johnson got into him, but in the last three races, Newman has finished in the top 5 and twice in the top 10. In my psyche, I am treating these last races like any other. I really don't care who wins the championship. All of the drivers are potential winners. It would be nice to be Tony Stewart, but to do it, he'd have to repeat his performance from last season--winning five of the ten chase races. I can't see anyone, not even him, ever doing that again.

I was really concerned before Newman signed his contract with Stewart-Haas Racing, but in reality, Stewart wouldn't let him go. Gene Haas has already sponsored Newman's car several times in the last several years. He can afford it, so I'm not really worried that Newman will not have sponsored races. Newman is personable, jovial, and any sponsor would be proud to have him for a spokesman.

As a Ryan Newman fan, I'm all good with what is going on. I will be sorry to see this season end, but there is always that excitement when Speed weeks comes along. In the meantime, I'm looking for another win. Newman seems to be itching for it; so is Tony Gibson. The performance on pit road seems to have improved. Pit stops are competitive. The finishes are there. The drive is there. It is time for a win!

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ryan Newman is off the charts; not a good thing!

Ryan Newman courtesy of Quicken Loans
Despite a streak of hideously bad luck in the last two races that virtually destroyed Newman's chances at a place in the Chase for the Sprint Cup Championship, there is good news for Ryan Newman this week.

It has just been reported that he will sign a one-year extension with Stewart-Haas Racing.

That has to be a load off Newman's mind, given the fact that his primary sponsor, the U.S. Army has gone AWOL on him. To further complicate issues, last week Office Depot announced they will no longer sponsor Tony Stewart's #14 car. This leaves a giant hole in the money side of things at Stewart-Haas Racing. Speculation was high that Stewart would abandon Newman's #39 car and use his Newman's other sponsors--Tornado, WIX Filters, and Quicken Loans on the #14.

It has been reported however, that Stewart-Haas will continue its plan to sponsor three cars in the 2013 season. The third will be driven by Danica Patrick, who comes with her already pre-ordained sponsor, GoDaddy.

There is still one more chance, albeit a long shot, that Newman can make the Chase. The only way is for him to win this, the final race of the regular season, at Richmond. It is certainly possible and he will certainly give it his best shot.

Newman has won a race at Richmond, though not since 2004. He has, however, led 437 laps in 21 starts, with no DNF's.

Newman finds himself in this untenable position because of the circumstances at Bristol two weeks ago when Juan Pablo Montoya stole his chances in an intentional shove that sent Newman spinning. Then last week at Atlanta, Newman was squeezed into the wall by Jimmy Johnson who as Newman put it, 'ran out of talent.'

Prior to the first incident, Newman was poised to get into the Chase on points. His DNF (do not finish) relegated him to 15th in the standings. That dropped further after his race car was destroyed in the second incident.

Good luck and may the force be with Ryan Newman Saturday night at Richmond.

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