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Monday, November 2, 2015

It always helps to sleep on it

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I wonder what Joey Logano and Matt Kenseth woke up thinking this morning. No doubt Matt probably has a few pangs of remorse. While he is likely replaying and even possibly second-guessing his actions yesterday on the track at Martinsville, when he ran his race car into Joey Logano for payback for Logano's previous infractions, I imagine his feelings fall far short of regret. Justifying his deeds are probably more to the point. He may even have a few queasy moments about what NASCAR will do to him tomorrow. 

Logano on the other hand, probably woke up still seething, since Matt Kenseth ruined his day. He was going to win the race. He deserved to win the race after dominating and leading laps, not to mention winning the three previous races. He probably feels as if he was unfairly robbed of the win, not to mention earning the achievement of four-time consecutive winner during the Chase for the NASCAR championship. Logano probably thinks he was a shoe-in to win the Championship. Now, because of Kenseth he went from first to last. While he still isn't worried because he knows he can fight his way back in the next two races since he likely believes he is just that good. We'll see!

I woke up this morning still chuckling over the fact the incident happened at all. Personally, I like Matt Kenseth. Matt is a seasoned, respectable veteran that has paid his dues in the sport. He is skilled, he is usually even-tempered, and he is a credit to the racing community. I don't like Joey Logano. More than once I have called Logano reckless. He drives with no regard for anyone but himself. Granted, he has had some real success of late, but I credit that to the race cars he drives and not necessarily his driving skills. Penske cars have run upwards of five miles per hour faster than other competitors. Give that speed to any driver on the track and they could win too. I don't know what they are doing, but more power to them.

I see Joey Logano as immature. His actions insight anger in others, but he never follows through. Instead, he lets his father fight his battles for him. I'm sure that will change as time goes on, but for now, he needs to grow up and pay his own dues in the sport. 

That said, I'm not normally vindictive, nor do I believe in violence or retribution of any kind. Yet, I admit I was humored at yesterday's track melee. It wasn't just because of the personalities involved, although certainly that played a part. If Joey thinks about this, he may learn a lesson or two. I'm all for that. 

In addition, I hope NASCAR learns from this as well. They push the envelope every time they make an inconsistent call, which is most of the time. They don't treat drivers fairly. They have their favorites and it is very obvious. As much as I enjoyed seeing Jeff Gordon win at Martinsville because he is truly deserving, I predicted long ago that Jeff would win the 2015 championship as his last hurrah before he retires. That is what NASCAR wants. Who can blame them for wanting to have a decent guy like Jeff to be their poster child? And if that happens, no matter who wins in the future, they can always resurrect their shining example through carefully edited video. That is good marketing and NASCAR craves it. I believe NASCAR has and will continue to do whatever it takes to ensure that Jeff wins the title. There are enough rules on the books already to exercise some control over the outcome of races. And we have seen as recently as last week in Talladega, new rules are always forthcoming. 

"It all depends on whose name is above the door on whether or not you're allowed to do it," said Kyle Bush this morning. He added, "NASCAR is very consistent in being inconsistent on calls." I couldn't agree more. 

I think Matt Kenseth's actions against Logano told NASCAR that perhaps they can't control everything. Kenseth's actions were also a culmination of all the dirty things Logano has done to other drivers and gotten away with it. All actions have consequences. That is why I woke up this morning still smiling.