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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Stewart-Haas Racing really did screw Ryan Newman

I'm shocked.
So the rumors are true. Stewart-Haas Racing (SHR) really is wooing Kurt Busch to be the driver for a fourth team in 2014. This was just weeks after Tony Stewart, the "S" in SHR told his friend Ryan Newman they were letting Newman go because they had no interest in starting a fourth team. I didn't believe the rumors. I wouldn't believe that Stewart was capable of screwing his friend that way.

I was so wrong. I've seen the video of Greg Zipadelli, SHR competition director admit that Gene Haas, the "H" in SHR wanted Kurt Busch to drive for him. Apparently Newman was a second choice; Haas wanted Busch last year.

I refused to believe that any business as public as Stewart-Haas Racing, one that is so reliant on the public for support, would screw one of their own in the full light of day. By all appearances, Stewart-Haas Racing, for which I once held in such high esteem, now appears to be nothing more than any other ruthless, heartless company that puts its bottom line high over the people it employs.

This move certainly puts a great big black mark on my view of NASCAR, racing, and SHR.

I know I am nobody in the large scheme of things; but I am just like all the other nobodies out there that claim to be racing fans, but dislike this way of doing business. Putting dollar signs over personnel is just bad business in the long run.

I admit it; I'm a fool for not seeing the handwriting on the wall

When the talk about Kurt Busch being offered a deal with SHR began, I refused to believe it. I figured this was just more of Kurt Busch grandstanding; staging a publicity stunt to make himself more marketable because he knew he was going to be a free agent.

I admit; I'm a fool. The handwriting was on the wall, but I refused to see it.

When Stewart left Joe Gibbs Racing to co-own SHR, he left behind his long time friend, Greg Zipadelli. I should have known then that loyalty didn't matter.

When SHR fired Darian Grubb in 2011 even after Tony Stewart earned the Championship trophy Grubb helped him win, I should have known.

When Stewart offered Newman only a one year contract last year, I should have known.

Then earlier this year when talk of Kevin Harvick replacing Newman began; I should have known.

According to the latest information, Busch is also being courted by Furniture Row Racing, where he now works. This one will be interesting to follow.

And where does that leave Ryan Newman?

I can tell you this, wherever Newman lands next year, this 'nobody' will still be a fan!
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