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Sunday, August 4, 2013

C'mon media, give Ryan Newman a break!

Ryan Newman
Ryan Newman 
One week ago, Ryan Newman beat Jimmy Johnson to the checkered flag. The media seemed to roll all over itself with glee at the possibility that Newman could perform such an awesome feat. That just shows how little they know about him. Perhaps if they weren't so busy fawning all over Johnson, Danica, and Junior, they might notice the effort made by some of the other drivers.

I'm here to tell you, that it was not a colossal feat that Newman won the prestigious Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis last week. For those of us that follow his career, we know that it was just a matter of time before he bested the field. We were pleased as punch, though not surprised at all. Newman has far more talent than anyone in the broadcasting booth apparently recognizes.

That said, it was wonderful to finally watch the media not ignore Newman, which is usually the case, or worst yet, accentuate instances like his dust-up with Kyle Busch recently when Busch called Newman an ogre. Often times Newman is involved in a racing incident that is not of his making. The media is quick to assign blame only to clarify it later after the damage has been done.

Their latest harangue is about Newman being congratulated by well-wishers, but receiving no sponsorship offers. Oh please! This is barely August. There is lots of racing to go. Anyone who thinks potential sponsors are going to call Newman on the phone to play 'let's make a deal' in the middle of the racing season is fooling themselves. Any deals will be made among the driver, a potential team, and the sponsor's go-to guy, will take place long before it is ever made public. Give the guy a break for pete's sake. Let him enjoy his win and work on the next one before adding to the pressure of a very pressured situation. Newman is thoroughly engaged in the 2013 racing season. That has to be his priority for now.

Offers will come when the time is right. Ryan Newman will be just fine. He is a talented driver, even when the media doesn't notice.
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