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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Go Danica!

Image result for danica patrick imagesIt seems NASCAR now has not just the golden boy--Dale Earnhart, Junior, but it also has a golden girl in Danica Patrick.

There seems to be an emphasis lately on Danica, underscored by the almost gushing praise from Darrell Waltrip. Ya know what though--I have to agree.

Danica has run well this season, finally achieving a top 10 finish. She has even tempered the high testosterone level of her all-boy workplace. And she has proven that she can handle the pressure of dating a co-worker. I like her sense of humor, her ability to communicate, and most of all, that the girl has attitude. 

As a woman myself, I recognize that NASCAR's glass ceiling is a little thicker than most. It is nice to see a few cracks in it. Danica appears to be fearless. The remainder of the season will be interesting to watch as she closes in on Chase eligibility. Currently, she is 17th in points, just out of range, but there is lots of racing to go in the 2015 season. If Danica continues to clock fast speeds, finish races, and either stay consistent or score a victory, she would be eligible for the Chase for the Sprint Cup Championship. And wouldn't that just be a hoot?

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