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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ryan Newman position always a nail-biter

I apologize for being lax in posting lately. Truth is I have been immersed in a quilting project, see CHQuilts that has taken all my time and effort. I didn't keep me from watching racing however. I vowed to myself that I wouldn't write about racing until I finished my quilt. That just happened yesterday, so,...

Chase races

Of course, the chase to the championship has begun. I'm thrilled that my favorite driver, Ryan Newman, is hanging in there. In fact, he is advancing. He is now in 12th place after two races. He started dead last, in 16th. Leave it to Newman though to keep his fans on edge as he hovers just at the in/out line. Newman always makes it fun for us!

Ryan's performance has been stellar, especially at Chicagoland when two tire issues left him three laps down. He was able to pull it out to finish 15th, and on the lead lap. His driving was amazing! His car was bad fast!

New Hampshire was a disappointment. Newman's car was fast; Loudon is one of his favorite tracks. But after being involved in a wreckfest, not of his making, his potential to repeat his previous wins at Loudon, hit the wall. It just wasn't meant to be, apparently, though it was still a good day for him. He advanced to 12th in the points. The race itself was something to watch. What looked like a largely green-flag race fell into a series of mishaps with a series of cautions, hurting most of the chase drivers, Newman included.

Actually, he is tied with Kasey Kahne in points for 11th place, though Kahne was scored higher because he had a win during the regular season.

If Newman can hold his place or advance it, he will make it to the next round of the Chase--the Contender Round. Presently, he is within one point of A.J. Almandinger and within two points of Carl Edwards and Matt Kenseth. It is really close, but I feel confident that Newman has what it takes to make the next round.

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