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Monday, June 9, 2014

Race Buddy rocks!

I just love Race Buddy!

And, thanks to Race Buddy, wasn't it nice to be able to watch NASCAR driver Ryan Newman, in his #31 WIX Chevrolet, drive at Pocono?

I love Race Buddy, despite the fact that my old laptop computer has a hard time keeping up. I spent most of the race fiddling with it, trying to get a picture. When I did get a picture though, it was great to watch Ryan driving through the field. He is seldom shown on Race Buddy, so it is such a thrill when he is. 

Funny though, with the live action on television, the race day scanner, and Race Buddy video, I had three different races going. I suspect the problem is at my end. I am just grateful to TNT for providing this free and excellent tool.

I have long complained about how announcers tend to ignore Ryan on the race track. With Race Buddy and the live leaderboard, I can keep track of where he is, who is around him, and what kind of progress he is making. 

As it turned out, he did a fine job, finishing seventh. It is all practice for that elusive win.

Congratulations to Dale Earnhardt, Jr. on his second win!

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