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Friday, September 6, 2013

Keeping it light; Ryan Newman and the chase bubble

I am about to go crazy, wondering where my favorite NASCAR driver Ryan Newman will end up next year. We know he will leave Stewart-Haas Racing at the conclusion of 2013. We also know he is working on a deal for next year. 

I suspect he will drive for Richard Childress Racing, as I said in a recent in a CHonTrack post, (see below).

But for now, there is an emphasis on tomorrow night's race at Richmond. Ryan Newman is on the bubble. That is, he is 14th in points, ever so close to the cutoff for the Chase for the Sprint Club Championship. Since he won a race at Indianapolis earlier this year, he remains in one of two wildcard places in the chase. So for weeks we have heard about Ryan Newman being on the Chase bubble. 

Every time I think of Ryan Newman chasing the bubble, this is the picture in my mind.

Ryan Newman chases bubble
Ryan Newman chases bubble
Ryan Newman still chases bubble
Ryan Newman still chases bubble
Just for clarification purposes, I have been a Ryan Newman fan since 2005. My husband and I took in a stray cat--Timi--in 2007. Unbeknownst to us, she was pregnant. When she gave birth to five kittens, that summer, we named them Ryan, Kenny, Kasey, Junior, and Rusty. Ryan was the first born. Rusty was the runt of the litter, born last. She was the prettiest, a calico like her mother. Sadly, she only lived 11 days. We had no idea they would all turn out to be females. Incidentally, the girls and their mother have all spayed. I couldn't part with any of them, so they are our family now and bring us great joy.
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