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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ignoring Ryan Newman; we noticed

It seems I'm not alone in my observation (see Ryan Newman scores 4th place finish at Vegas, but no interview on Fox) that despite a fourth place finish Ryan Newman was the only driver in the top five that wasn't interviewed following the race at Las Vegas.

The following was from Yahoo Sports today. The answer was provided by Jay Busbee, From the Marbles.

I know that it was really important that Carl Edwards get his face time [after Las Vegas] and interviewing and angry Matt Kenseth is ...wait, Matt never gets mad, so why did Fox decide to not interview Ryan Newman? You mean to tell me he is somehow less exciting than Matt, Carl, and Greg? Really? He had the free Bloomin' Onion to promote! This is not new. He only gets interviewed when he wins or crashes (or there is a rain delay and Robby Gordon's son is busy.)
— Tony in Michigan
Hate to say it, but some drivers just don't give us the best quotes. It's true. Also, here's some behind-the-scenes info: it is absolute insanity in the seconds after a race. You've got cars whipping in from every direction, crew members breaking down equipment, dazed fans nearly getting plowed over, the winner doing burnouts in the distance, and everybody busting their butts as fast as they can to get on a plane and get the hell out of there. There are only a finite number of garage reporters, and they've got to make a quick call: go for the guys who are involved in wrecks, go for the guys who will give a good quote, go for Junior, and then see who's left. Sadly, calm and restrained fourth-place drivers don't make that cut.
Sorry, Jay, but that excuse isn't good enough. It isn't like this hasn't happened before. Ryan often gets passed over for interviews. It isn't because his quotes aren't memorable. In fact, one never knows what Newman will say. Remember his being secretly fined by NASCAR twice for his quotes?  Reporters are missing a golden opportunity by not talking to him. Fans are missing out on seeing their favorite driver after a good day. And, it just plain isn't fair.
I'm with you Tony. We want to see much more of Ryan Newman. 

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