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Friday, December 2, 2011

NASCAR awards then a long lull til Speed Weeks

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So we are about to enter our second week of the infamous NASCAR Spring Cup Series off-season. This is so painful.

At least we have the awards ceremony to look forward to. I'm writing this just hours before we see our favorite drivers and teams all gussied up in their black tuxedos. DeLana Harvick just tweeted that she isn't a 'glammed' up kinda girl. I can relate to that.

I don't know how many enjoy the awards ceremony, but I certainly do. Reba McIntyre will host it. At least she has the right accent for NASCAR jokes. Some of the others over the years just aren't believable. Reba will be believable.

Trouble is, the show tonight should be just enough to whet the appetites of us aficionados for some on track action. Won't we be disappointed when there is no qualifying or practice tomorrow? Then comes Sunday. No Race Day after CBS Sunday Morning. No Pre-race interviews. No race at all.

I suppose we should be cognizant of the fact that all our favorite drivers are finally getting some rest and relaxation after their long week in Las Vegas and the long season of racing drama.

What a dramatic season it was too, especially toward the end with Brad Kezelowski's secret fine, Kyle Bush's meltdown, Kurt Bush's not-so-secret fine, Rick Hendricks' plane crash, sponsorship changes, not to mention Tony Stewart's incredible chase dominance and kick-ass championship win as well as Champion Crew Chief Darian Grubb's departure from Stewart-Haas Racing.

Las Vegas week had its spectacles too, like Jeff Gordon break-dancing, Ryan Newman blowing up his engine, and the winning teams playing the Newlywed game. Wish I could have been there for those moments.

Since the season ended at Homestead, there has been enough news to satisfy our NASCAR fix. But that will likely halt now. Drivers and teams will move on to their long-awaited vacation plans. They will enjoy themselves without having to worry about speeding on pit road, kowtowing to sponsors, or smiling for cameras. There will likely be what might amount to a NASCAR news blackout.

I suppose we, the devoted fans will simply have to wait, cross off days on the calendar through December, January, and most of February until speed week finally rolls around. Won't that be a happy day? I suppose that since it is the holidays and we do have family obligations to tend to, not to mention all the household chores we didn't do during the season, the time will fly, as it always does. But like vision, it is so much easier in hindsight.
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