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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ryan Newman's season--no surprise for his fans

While there seems to be a real media buzz about Ryan Newman's fast start to great results this season, I can't help but wonder, where have all these pundits been? 

Ryan Newman has always had the potential and the skill to drive fast, drive well, and win races. 

But as it is so often noted, scoring a great finish is all about teamwork. The driver may be the most visible member of the team, but he can not do it alone. All of the elements that make up a race team have to be in sync to achieve success in such a close and hard-fought competition. 

I've been watching Newman for the last several years. I detest and have attempted to dispute, some of the criticism I've heard, often in this very blog.  
I've witnessed his frustrations with bad pit stops that lose precious positions on the field; an out-of-balance race car where tight conditions won't allow the car to turn or loose conditions that make it impossible to consistently stay in the gas; wrecks that were not of his doing; mechanical failures; tire issues; etc. The list goes on.

The only difference this season, is timing. This season, Newman and his entire team are on the same page, working together. That means, not just the driver, but the crew chief and all the crew members from the tire changer to the gas man, the engine-builders, the chassis builders, and even Lady Luck, the one that has turned on Newman so many times in the past.

Anyone who follows Newman knows that he is not doing anything differently than he ever does. He is going for the win every week, but sometimes the wind is in your back and other times it is in your face. Newman just happens to have the wind at his back for now. I hope it continues throughout the season.

Good luck at Martinsville!