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Friday, December 16, 2011

It will be Stewart-Haas Racing's championship to lose in 2012

Tony Stewart's new ride
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Never mind what I said about Denny Hamlin kicking butt in 2012. This time I will make a prediction--sthe Sprint Cup will stay in the possession of Stewart-Haas Racing in 2012!

I was pretty pumped about Championship Crew Chief Darian Grubb's move to Joe Gibbs Racing as Crew Chief for Denny Hamlin. But now, I take it all back after reading this little tidbit: Greg Zipadelli Named Competition Director for Stewart-Haas Racing, reported this morning. This changes the whole scenario in my mind.

This puts all the pieces of the puzzle in place; the stars are aligned; it's karma! Tony Stewart's success with Zippy was almost legendary. Now with the two former teammates back on the same team, it will be a beautiful thing to watch. Steve Addington as Stewart's new Crew Chief, with his obvious talent will round out the championship-in-the-making potential.

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Waiting in the wings to make Stewart-Haas Racing the team of the year is its other potential winner--the other (full-time) half of Stewart-Haas Racing. Ryan Newman has been way under-appreciated, though not by me. I've been in his corner for years and plan to stay right there--one day soon with the ability to say, "I told you so!" Newman and Tony Gibson have been on an up and down ride, but I expect to see lots more ups this season.

While discussing former teammates let us not forget that Matt Borland, who temporarily filled the position Zipadelli will now occupy, was once Newman's Crew Chief at Penske Racing. The two were wildly successful in 2003 with eight wins and 11 poles. I'm ready to see that again.
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