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Monday, July 18, 2011

One-Two Punch for Stewart-Haas Racing

Ryan Newman stands beside his Number 39 Army C...Image via WikipediaRyan Newman took ownership of New Hampshire Motor Speedway at Louden this weekend. First he gained the pole twice--then he chalked up a couple of wins. His qualifying lap even set a new track record. Excellent job, Newman!

The first feat in Newman's double play occurred early Saturday when he won his third Whelen Modified Tour, a NASCAR open-wheeled race. It was Newman's third win in New Hampshire and his fourth straight win overall. 

Newman second feat was on the Sprint Cup side Sunday, as he and the entire #39 team dominated the race, leading the most laps of the day--119 of 301. Earning the pole position, Newman started first and finished first.  

Not only was Newman's performance stellar for the entire 301 laps of the race, but the end was a nail-biter. Crew Chief Tony Gibson reminded him every lap to save fuel. Newman worked the throttle gingerly as he aimed for the finish line. He said on the radio as he crossed the finish line that he thought he may have about a gallon left. Whoops and hollers could be heard from his team over the radio. He picked up both the checkered flag to signify his win and an American flag to honor his U.S. Army sponsor. 

As he carried the American flag, that waved from his window, Newman's smokey burnout came to an abrupt end. He finally ran out of gas. 

This wasn't just a win for Newman and his team. It was a win for Stewart-Haas Racing, as teammate and owner Tony Stewart crossed the finish line directly after his teammate. Stewart was second on the pole and at the end. It was a one-two punch for the racers hungry for that win. 

Newman gained a point in the standings, along with gaining that insurance of one in the win column, which all but ensures his spot in the coveted race for the championship. Newman is now eighth in points in the top 12. 
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