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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Great race at Bristol Motor Speedway

As expected, another good race at Bristol. I'd like to make several observations:

Congratulations to Mark Martin who started his 1000th race tonight at Bristol. As an Arkansan, I am very proud of Mark. The pre-race show on Speed that told his story was moving. Mark drove a great race tonight. He led the most laps and came so close. His second place finish is nothing at all to be ashamed of. It is just too bad he couldn't have made it to the front one last time.

Congratulations to Kyle Busch, who seemed a little bit humbled (even if it was an act, I am buying it). He pulled off a great win tonight. While he is still not in the chase, it is just a matter of time.

Congratulations to Ryan Newman who proved with his 6th place finish in tonight's race that this week at Bristol had no effect on his precarious 9th points position. It is nice to see him prove this point and to allow me a little 'I told you so' by moving up two spots in the points race - to 7th. Good job Ryan!

Kurt Busch did a magnificent job, finishing in 7th place after all the adversity he had to overcome.

Poor Tony Stewart - did they give him Ryan's race car by mistake? I have a funny feeling that Tony will rebound by winning the next race, or maybe even the next several races or perhaps the championship. Tony can do just about anything. He is that good!