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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

NASCAR Qualifying rules still confound me

While I admit that the new qualifying procedure is growing on me, this week's Daytona qualifying was a train wreck. 

Granted it rained. It always rains in Florida in the summertime. But, for NASCAR to arbitrarily say, that's it--we're done now seems a little heavy-handed to me. But then, that is what NASCAR does. That is why fans have a problem with NASCAR. Why is NASCAR trying to kill this sport?

Let the tweaking begin

Now that drivers have figured out the best strategy to achieve the fastest speed in qualifying, NASCAR wants to change the rules--rules it just made up. NASCAR just hates it when drivers and teams are smarter than they are. Sorry guys, but that is just how it is. Some of teams ARE really smarter than you. 

NASCAR has done everything in its power to control every aspect of racing, much to the chagrin of those who really love racing. Here we have another example. If NASCAR wasn't so bent on making everything equal for all the teams, racing might be a little more interesting and exciting. 

The irony is that NASCAR's efforts have caused teams to be more strategic rather than simply allowing them to race for a win, which is the way it should be. And now, NASCAR has to make up more rules to prevent the very thing they are responsible for creating in the first place. Sheesh!