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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Honesty is what Ryan Newman is all about

Ryan Newman Quicken Loans ChevyIt is always good to hear Ryan Newman's perspective. I relish it. I know I will hear honesty because this is a man of integrity.

There are big changes coming to NASCAR, apparently geared more to the entertainment side of racing than racing itself.

In this interview with WSOCTV Ryan Newman talks about some of those changes in NASCAR's 2014 Sprint Cup series. From my perspective it sounds like he is conciliatory about the the new qualifying format and the new winner take all Chase for the Championship, but is far from enamored with them.

Let's face it, Ryan Newman has a history of setting track records with his qualifying prowess. He has a stellar history of earning the pole position, but I'd be willing to bet NASCAR never considered asking his opinion on the subject before they changed the qualifying format.

In this interview, I heard disappointment as he talked about the new format, but I also heard resolve. Newman is not so set in his ways that he would forgo his own success just because he works at a sport where the rules change like the wind. Fortunately, he is adaptable and takes on new challenges with a fervor.

One of the best things about Newman, in my view, is the way he answers questions of reporters. He is always candid; he is always honest. He pulls no punches as he tells it like it is. That is so refreshing in a sport that caters to the "tell 'em what they want to hear' crowd. It may also be why Newman isn't interviewed all that often. That's OK. His words may be limited, but they are generally powerful.

Newman's opinions are not without controversy; he has paid for speaking his peace, so I am glad to hear him answer questions honestly, no matter what.

Newman is a great ambassador for racing. He obviously loves what he does and he's good at it. I can't wait to watch how this season progresses. It will be exciting to watch him conquer all the new challenges set before him--with a new car, new Crew Chief, new owner, and new rules.

It won't be long now, as the Daytona 500 will kick off in 24 more days.