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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Loyalty to Stewart-Haas Racing - done!

I know my opinion doesn't matter to anyone but me, but for what it is worth, I just "unliked" Stewart-Haas Racing on Facebook.

I "liked" RCR Racing, Ryan Newman's new 2014 home in the #31 car.

My support for Newman is well-documented here. This symbolic gesture merely represents my dissatisfaction with Stewart-Haas Racing for letting Ryan Newman go and for putting him through hell this season. Thankfully all that drama is now behind him and the rest of us who watched with interest.

The potential for drama next year at SHR is high for several reasons. 

It will certainly be interesting to watch the Kevin Harvick/Kurt Busch/Tony Stewart relationships, since all of these excellent race car drivers are very competitive, as well as a little belligerent, sometimes reckless, and always impetuous.

There is also that relationship between owners, Gene Haas and Tony Stewart that will be worth watching. I can't imagine Stewart was thrilled with how Haas sprung the hiring of Kurt Busch just days after Stewart told Newman there wouldn't be a third car team. I suspect Newman will be relieved to keep his distance from whatever brouhaha comes to play, if it does.

And then there is poor Tony, who has no idea how his leg is going to react to long hours behind the wheel. This whole incident with his broken leg had to have really thrown him.

It has been reported that Stewart will get a new crew chief this year. Chad Johnston, formerly of Michael Waltrip Racing will replace Steve Addington. Johnston was Martin Truex, Jr.'s crew chief.

We finally know what will come of Matt Borland in 2014

Stewart-Haas has announced that Borland will stay with SHR, but as vice president of engineering. He will also act as mentor to Daniel Knost, building on a continuing a relationship that had already been built upon. Knost will be the crew chief for the #41 car driven by Kurt Busch.

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