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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I miss the Speed Channel

Speed (TV channel)
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There could not have been a better illustration of what was lost to fans of motor sports when Fox Sports 1 took over the SPEED channel, than the race at Chicagoland that was postponed because of rain.

If it wasn't for Twitter, it would have been impossible to have known if or when the race would restart or where it would be broadcast. The too many ESPN channels, Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2 were void of updates on the restart of the race. I'm sure plenty of race fans missed out because they had no information about when the race would restart or where it would be broadcast.

Eventually there were comments on Twitter claiming the race would restart and be telecast on ESPN2, but that was of little consequence when funny cars and rails sped down the quarter mile. There was no hint of NASCAR either on the television screen or in the programming guide.

Gone are the days when events related to a race were shown on SPEED. It was nice to have a place to go for information. Now, that is completely up in the air.

There were jokes on Twitter about the jet dryer 400, but I can't tell you how many times the progress of drying the track and monitoring the chatter among race analysts provided a helpful backdrop while cooking dinner or other household chores. When a race is pending due to rain, life may go on, but it doesn't go on far from the television. It is difficult to admit, but just being able to check in on progress being made was oddly comforting.

While I understand a desire to portray NASCAR as a sport on a par with football, baseball, etc., it is not the same thing. For anyone that follows NASCAR but has no interest in college basketball or national football, we seem to be out of luck.

It is very frustrating to watch Race Day and then experience a complete void for an hour or more before the race starts. I assume the whole idea behind Race Day was to get fans pumped up for the race. Now it simply leaves us hanging.

Specifically this weekend showed the frustration in trying to stay on top of NASCAR news. This had to be very frustrating to fans that are not users of social media or subscribers to Sirius XM radio. If it wasn't for Twitter, I would not have known how to watch the end of the race.

If you are not a Twitter user now would be a good time to start.
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