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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let's go racing!

2009 Pep Boys Auto 500 Sept 6 (40)
Image by Hans J E via Flickr

As if it was not exciting enough to know that we are just 31 days away from watching the Daytona 500, I just read the transcripts of an interview with the teams at Stewart-Haas Racing at Charlotte's NASCAR-CUP: Stewart-Haas Racing Media Tour at Charlotte, day 1 Media Tour.

It sounds like every member of this race team is pumped--ready to strap on their gear and go racing.

With so many changes--good changes--like bringing in the most popular woman in racing, Danica Patrick, Tony's new Crew Chief Steve Addington, and Tony's best buddy, Greg Zippadelli as competition director--this group is fired up. In addition, Ryan Newman has just announced new sponsorship from Aspen Dental, which is completely new to NASCAR. That is quite a coup! The mood, quite apparent in the interview, is contagious!

The last days of this off-season will be painful, at best, but filled with anticipation. Let's go racing!