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Monday, November 21, 2011

Booing the First Lady, shameful behavior

Michelle Obama, official White House portrait.
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The only dark spot in Sunday's final NASCAR race at Homestead was the deplorable behavior by some NASCAR fans who felt it necessary to boo the First Lady of the United States.

It was appalling that NASCAR fans would be so rude and obnoxious as to boo Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, especially when they were at the race track to honor military families. Helping military families is one of the causes the two have taken up. Not only that, but prior to performing her duties as grand marshall along with Dr. Biden and a veteran and his family, Obama spoke highly of NASCAR as a family-oriented activity. She said all the right things. She gets it. What is wrong with some people?

NASCAR fans claim to be all about the military and patriotism, yet to boo Michelle Obama was an embarrassment to this country and to the rest of us who call ourselves fans. Why wasn’t Michelle Obama afforded the same courtesy and respect that years ago were given to Ronald Reagan when he attended a NASCAR race? NASCAR spokesmen fawn all over themselves about that event.

If NASCAR CEO Brian France wonders why NASCAR is losing interest, perhaps this type of behavior by NASCAR supporters could offer a hint. Perhaps France ought to realize that his diversity program isn’t really all that diverse when the stereotypical NASCAR fan is still perceived as a redneck, right-wing, beer-drinking, wife-beater.

Why haven’t I read an apology from NASCAR officials yet? Perhaps they will raise the price of a ticket next year—their way of levying a ‘secret fine’ to fans for behavior disrespectful of the brand.

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