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Monday, October 31, 2011

Martinsville wreckfest; Stewart drives like a champion

Tony StewartTony Stewart (Image via word of the day for Sunday’s race at Martinsville is “wreckless.” The word refers to some of the drivers, not the race itself, which was far from wreck free. There was plenty of action on the track in the form of torn up race cars, rumpled fenders, and shredded tires.

For some reason the names Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Brian Vickers come to mind. What was up with the wreckfest? It seems that each time there was an incident, one of them was involved. In my opinion, it was the result of a bad attitude and/or lack of talent. Much of it was totally unnecessary, not that I minded a little extra racing action. It was an action-packed race, but then it is a short track after all.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, congratulations to Tony Stewart.

What an awesome display of driving prowess. It was so good to see him beat Jimmie Johnson in the closing laps. He certainly worked hard for the excellent result.

Johnson was praised by commentators for class in the way he raced Stewart without wrecking him. From what I could see, Jimmie Johnson didn’t race Stewart any different than any of the other drivers out there. Johnson nudged Stewart’s car several times. A driver with less skill could easily have lost it, but Stewart knows how to handle his race car.

I would say that simply put, Tony Stewart exhibited championship ability on Sunday. With his third win, it will be exciting to watch the final three races. Carl Edwards has been consistent, but Stewart has been stellar. The championship at this point, is Stewart’s to lose.
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