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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Race for the Chase for the Championship ends

Finally, Ryan Newman fans can breathe again.

The NASCAR Race for the Chase for the Championship and all the associated drama is over. That's OK. Ryan did well, finishing just a few points behind the top 12. Had better luck prevailed, he may have been inside the cut-off rather than just outside.
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Perhaps hindsight will give 20/20 vision to Newman's critics. Maybe they will get it now -- why Ryan was so ticked off at Joey Logano. Had it not been for the incident at Michigan where Newman had been running in the top 10, perhaps the entire outcome of his season would have had a different result as well. Ryan could have squeaked past Clint Bowyer in the points. We will never know, thanks to the incident with Logano. It is not far-fetched to believe that it cost Ryan a chase berth.

It no longer matters, however, since as they say; it is, what it is.

While those guys get all dressed in their suits and their wives spend a fortune on gowns for the big awards dinner--all uncomfortable and having to make small talk, Ryan and Krissie will be sitting in the comfort of their home, playing with their new baby, enjoying all that the good life has to offer. I think when that time comes, Ryan will be much happier at home than the other 12 of his com padres in Las Vegas.

With the chase pressure off, the remainder of the season can be used to figure it all out.

For us fans, we just have to tune out the commentators, but then we are used to doing that. Ryan obviously isn't the golden boy when it comes to broadcast coverage. We fans will hardly notice all the fawning they do over the top 12 drivers. But that doesn't mean that the 13th among them can't rally from just behind the line to win races. I can't wait for Ryan to win a post-chase race. It will force those broadcasters to have to talk about him. Perhaps they will even get it--that being oh-so-close, isn't so bad.