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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Looking for a good Daytona finish

As a Ryan Newman fan, I'm excited about the upcoming race at Daytona.

I know, I know; Newman's past performances at Super Speedway tracks--except for one stellar performance when all the stars finally aligned for him at Daytona in 2008, have not earned him bragging rights. But he has little control over drivers banging him into the wall or flipping him into the infield or parts of his race car simply giving up.

I noticed a change at Louden. Newman and his entire team really stepped up their performance, with every lap being noteworthy. The speed is there. The desire is there. Newman fought for every inch on the track last week. I have every reason to be hopeful about this weekend's results as well.

Being just 15 points out of the top 12 has to be an incentive to alter past events that have marred Newman's super speedway stats.

Newman has momentum on his side. Stemming from his recent win in the Whelen Modified series and pulling out a sixth place finish at Louden, and even finishing 16th in a compromised race car at Sonoma, Newman has been on top of it. I have every reason to believe this will be a good weekend for him. Besides, he will get extra practice when he drives in the Nationwide event Saturday. Love that double duty driving.